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Blogger : teruyagi

E-mail : goodlife@livingkyo.com

I live in Kyoto.
I am not particularly familiar with the real estate industry. However, I know the beauty of Kyoto. I focus on the “living” of the contemporary, ever-changing reality of Kyoto’s profound history. And I will inform about the trend of the rental housing property.

It may be difficult to find change points in a short span, but I believe that storing data enables us to read change points from long-term trends.

Until now, it has been difficult to understand information such as the rent and area of properties by region. I’m focusing on making it easy to understand.

If you want to live in Kyoto, if you already live in Kyoto, I would like you to see the latest rental information of Kyoto City in a graph and want you to know more about the current situation in Kyoto.

I hope that the information on this site will be helpful for the looking for a rental property.