The goddess of Kyoto Gyoen – Itsukushima shrine –

スポンサー リンク

There are three shrines with large “torii” at Kyoto Gyoen(Kyoto imperial palace). “torii” means gate of Shrine.
One of them is “Itsukushima shrine” on the Kujyo pond.
It is located between “Ainomachi-gate” and Sakaimachi-gate”. It is easily accessible from “Marutamachi” Kyoto Subway Station.

Itsukushima shirine


Shirakumo shrine in the north of gyoen is also worshiped by Benzaiten, but the Benzaiten of Itsukushima Shrine is said to be “Benzaiten on the pond” and is settled on the island of Kujyo pond. To go to the island, cross the small bridge in the north of the kujyo pond.

The Torii gate of shrine

There is a torii of a slightly different shape. This is one of the three rare torii in Kyoto. This is called the “Karahafu-torii”. Benzaiten in the pond is a shrine that is familiar with “Taira no Kiyomori” and the one that recommended “Aki no Itsukushima shrine” is beginning. It was transferred to the Kujyo family in the Edo period, and since then it has become a shrine to protect the Kujyo family in this place.

Benzaiten (Japanese old goddess)

On the west side of the main hall is a beautiful embassy of Benzaiten dedicated.
The god of deity is (Ichikishima hime no Mikoto) and it is equated with Bento Benzaiten.
Benzaiten has a “Biwa” which is an instrument, it is said to be a god of water, a god of treasure, God of music.

Ema ( A tag with a person’s wish written)

A lot of ema lined up.These are the ema of people who want to become good at music.

Pond is a paradise for animals


There are really various animals in Kujyo pond.

There are three kinds of birds just by appearing in this picture.
Heron, duck, a pigeon.
Besides, there are a variety of colors such as blue heron, crow, carp, turtle, cat, etc.